Monday, January 9, 2012

Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols swings for the fences - and for age (update): Albert Pujols hit three home runs last night, great performance for the match and one of the baseball.But to do so in the world championship? Well, I was there in 1977 (three years before he was born Albert Pujols) to see the New York Yankees' Reggie Jackson - "Mr. October" - to follow suit. And then, way, way, way back in 1928, to see Babe Ruth draw the same record in 1926 for three homers in a game world championship.

Left the sports scribes - not known to the lack of topness - more - spraying it searched for comparison with other events in human history, "Lincoln at Gettysburg. Hendrix at Woodstock. Albert Pujols in Arlington," wrote commentator sports photographer Tom Verducci baseball. "It was, quite simply, the greatest night for one player in the history of the world of 620 matches played a series of ever."

The Verducci This is one game: "In addition, it must be extended to record hits in the world championships (six and Bobby Richardson, and Hideki Matsui) and hits (five, Paul Molitor, with Pujols, incredibly, got five different injuries with five and added to up to 14 total bases, two more than the previous record of the shares and Ruth Jackson - pitchers in the half, the group of six) hits - two singles and three homers. "

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